Push-ups while balancing on your balls?

Always looking for ways to challenge himself Rob Snyder, personal fitness trainer for ZipFit,  takes outdoor fitness to a whole new level with his medicine ball balancing Push-ups. It really works the core muscles and challenges the chest and triceps, Snyder confides.  Seek  ways to challenge your current fitness level by mastering the basics to move to new fitness heights.

Medicine Balls are a must have in your fitness arsenal because they can be used in so many ways as demonstrated in the video below. Watch as Rob performs Push-ups while balancing on 2 Medicine Balls.

The fantastic thing about push-ups is that they can be done most anywhere, all you need is a place to plank. We recommend that you start with the basic push-up or modified (on knees) until you can perform 20 in a row. Then start adding more challenging push-ups, close grips push ups, T-Plank Push-ups, One Arm Push-ups. The variety of push-ups that you do is really only limited to your imagination and your body strength. Truly the sky is the limit when you train hard with your push-up exercises, before you know it you’ll be doing Superman Push-ups.


Tampa Bay Times features “The Master of Funky Exercise Gear” Rob Snyder

What is ZipFit, is it some kind of workout?

It stands for Zealously Improving People with Fitness

What made you decide to become a personal trainer?

I’ve had two passion for as long as I can remember, Entertaining and
Fitness. I’ve always believed that I was put here to make a positive
impact on mankind.

I’ve made a living now for over 20+ years entertaining at events
across the country. My friends and family know about my fitness
passion and would often ask advice on training. I began coaching
friends and family, they responded fantastic making great strides in
their fitness goals.

One evening I was sitting watching my little
girls’ cheer leading practice and another parent ask my advice on
losing weight. As we started talking I realized that most of these
parents were sitting around for a couple hours a night eating
concession stand food, so I organized a “Free” Fitness Group, it cost
nothing, heck I had NO EQUIPMENT. I wish I could say that I was hooked
that first night, but truthfully most the mom’s complained and moaned,
I just kept encouraging them. Watching someone do more, become more
than they think they’re capable of, that what life is all about.


Rob Snyder demonstrates the Trikke Workout

Check out the Rob Snyder Trikke Workout

Why do you use unconventional exercise equipment like the trikke?

We use exercise gear that engages the body and excites the mind. Sure
the ElliptiGo, RowBike, Trikke and Jump Stilts are futuristic looking
machines and a blast to ride. Unlike their counterparts which keeps
you locked in a gym, usually with a TV mounted directly in front of it,
you to keep the mind occupied rather than engaged in the exercise.

The people powered contraptions we use here at ZipFit fully engage the
participant in the activity, thus giving a more intense workout i a
shorter period of time. Besides these things are really cool, a blast
to ride and I never tire of seeing smiling faces that point,
smile and laugh as I blow past.  You just don’t get that at the gym!

For more information about the equipment we use see our Equipment Page!


Rob Snyder demonstrates the challenging “Gate Push-Ups”

Close-grip push-ups, to the extreme. So far this has been the most challenging push-up I discovered and really deliver powerful results.

What is the most challenging exercise you do?

Interesting question because at ZipFit we’ve developed our regimens
around mastering the basic exercises and then adding a twist.

For example, let’s use a fantastic exercise the Basic Push-Up.  With a goal
of doing 20 push-ups in one set is reached, we add a twist and a new
goal. Perform 20 T-Plank Push-Ups: This is done by pressing into the
top plank position of the push-up, then raising the right hand up and
turn the torso so that the torso is perpendicular to the floor and
feeling the body weight shift from the chest to the rear left
shoulder while keeping the core tight and body straight.

It looks like the letter T lying on it’s side then repeat to develop your other side.  So, we’re
always looking for the next challenge.

I do 25 Handstand Push-Ups with my feet against a wall for balance and my most challenging
exercise will be doing 25 Hand-Stand Push-ups with no wall!

Want to see more?  Check out our YouTube page!